Wednesday, May 2, 2018 my.. my dawn when night gets longer..
..I'vll be your shade when sun gets brighter.. my snowfall when I am enjoyed..
..I'vll be your rain when you are overjoyed.. my smile when temper roars..
..I'vll be your humour when life bores.. my rider of my emotional rollercoster..
..I'vll be your navigator at your crossroads..

In ups and downs,peaks and valleys my only knight in the shining armour..
In if's and but's,goods and bads
..I'vll be your lady with the gaurdian angel..

Sunday, April 8, 2018

..Is it..

Is it your smile on my face
or dawn is mesmerizing me again
Is it your breath on my neck
or wild lilies are overwhelming me again
Is it your touch on my skin
or sea breeze is embracing me again
Is it your warmth in my soul
or wintery sun is cuddling me again
Is it your love in my heart
or strings of voilin are in  rthyme again
Is it real 'YOU' by my side
or dreams are delusioning me again

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Soul Surfer

hiked mountaintop,drowned in the depth of ocean
plunged in the vast sky,ran thousand miles
jumped off the cliff,slept on bed of snowy piles
life took a bumpy ride, dumped me on abandoned shore
days after days,I wandered till my soles turned sore
..I am a soul surfer..I am a soul surfer..

rejoiced when felt every single breath of mine
numbed to death in the valley of windy cries
twinkled eyes under the sparkling blue skies
quenched thirst in the endless crystal waves 
opened wings just to blew away the gust of graves
..I am a soul surfer...I am a soul surfer..

like a surfer riding on waves,I travelled around 
 I came at end and the pain won't wane
when I look back on the memory lane
I  always found bits of my soul drained 
In every single blissful moment I gained
..I am a soul surfer..I am a soul surfer..

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some junk..

Mistakes are part of life..sometimes they teach us lessons we never forget in our lifetime..and sometimes they lead to other mistake...sounds funny but its true..some mistakes are so tempting..resisting them is hard.I too had made mistakes..mistakes that had hurts someone to the point that had led them to solitary confinement. May be that what sins I am paying for..or may be there are other yet to be smashed into my face.I always end up fighting with myself when my mistakes are on trail in court room of my heart and problem is...this trail never always give birth to some more question waiting for answers that don't exist.Its long time now and I am fed up of all this fighting for all those mistakes..they are matter how hard I try..I can't rewind time back and undo all of them.Damage has already been done.No point wasting time now.So quitting is better option then constant fighting.Let life keep on screwing me for all mistakes...and let me keep on trying to make atleast better mistakes.

PS: Some weird thought are hitting my mind these days...more I try to sweep them away  more they keep on piling up on my mind.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Princess

 “Hey daddy, why are you standing there?”
She turned back from the mirror to look at her father who was stealing her glance in the mirror right from door.
As she moved forward in her floral wedding gown his heart skipped a beat and tear encircled his eyes.
“So, how I am looking?” she said with her innocent childish smile on face.
He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead.
”Just like my princess...”, whirlpool of emotions encircled his heart, flashing every single moment of her childhood in front of his eyes.
Holding her hand he took her on aisle to escort her to James. His heart felt pangs of separation at every step. When they reached, his body stiffed. All dressed elegantly in white and with all respect James greeting him and took out his hand to hold Alice hand for lifetime. His hand turned cold and his face pale .He kept staring at James hands, making his grip stronger at Alice hand.
It took a minutes for James to read his sad eyes. Looking once to Alice and then to her father, with  polite assuring smile he said,” Dad, don’t worry I will love her just like your princess”.
Tear from the corner of his eye rolled down. His heart soothed at touch of James assuring eyes, with  sad smile on his face he took Alice hand and put into James hand. Holding both hands in his hands he looked into James eyes,” I know James, you will love my princess more than I do”.
" Not more than you Daddy,not more than you...", Alice yelled  in cracking voice with teary eyes.She hugged him tightly and they sobbed  into each other arms till their love melted their tears.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I have lost faith in love

I have lost faith in love

bundles of hope thrusted into rusted trunk
crisscross path woven on the tapestry of mind
unending quest of cindered desires
endless questions behind barricade of thoughts

I have lost faith in love

strangling pain inside annihilated soul
life time imprisonment under the dazzling sky
gust of fate cascading my entire self hood
prayers lying unanswered in filth

I have lost faith in love

enchanting hymns of sorrow in suburb of darkness
waning slowly in the cradle of tainted love
foreseeing renaissance of the slaughtered heart
reawakening under the spell of curse till eternity

I have lost faith in love

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


har dard ki ek umar hai
har dard ki ek hadh hai
jab dard ki hadh paar hoti hai
toh sabse phele nazdeek khadi
un deewaron main dararye padti hai
jinhone yeh hadhe taye ki thi
 bas ab inteezar us hadh ke aaney ka hai
is dard ki umar khatam hone ka hai

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