Saturday, November 3, 2012

Some junk..

Mistakes are part of life..sometimes they teach us lessons we never forget in our lifetime..and sometimes they lead to other mistake...sounds funny but its true..some mistakes are so tempting..resisting them is hard.I too had made mistakes..mistakes that had hurts someone to the point that had led them to solitary confinement. May be that what sins I am paying for..or may be there are other yet to be smashed into my face.I always end up fighting with myself when my mistakes are on trail in court room of my heart and problem is...this trail never always give birth to some more question waiting for answers that don't exist.Its long time now and I am fed up of all this fighting for all those mistakes..they are matter how hard I try..I can't rewind time back and undo all of them.Damage has already been done.No point wasting time now.So quitting is better option then constant fighting.Let life keep on screwing me for all mistakes...and let me keep on trying to make atleast better mistakes.

PS: Some weird thought are hitting my mind these days...more I try to sweep them away  more they keep on piling up on my mind.


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